18 January 2018, by Tim

I am thrilled to announce!

Like many people, my family has cars and a home that I maintain, but I cannot remember when I did what. When did I change the oil on my jeep? Which local plumbing company did I have clear a clogged shower drain back in 2015? The journaling function on was specifically conceived to solve this problem. It is an easy-to-use online tool to record the details of a maintenance activity or project organized by the item I'm working on and complete with notes, costs, mileages, and links to resources on the internet.

It also seems that while I have a lot of projects, I am not really an expert on many things. As is common best practice for newbies like me, I take a lot of pictures as I disassemble items to increase the odds at a successful reassembly. Small jobs like rebuilding a distributer or carburetor can easily add 10 or more pictures to my phone. Over time, my collection of photos has reached almost comical levels with hundreds of pictures of engines, brakes, distributors, doors, lights, nuts, bolts, me holding a tape measure up to things, whatever, but finding the exact picture I need later among the forest of family, outdoors, and youth sports pictures is much less of a laughing matter. The project or item-specific photo time lining functionality on was specifically created for this problem. Now, all of my photos are grouped by car, by house, or by project and any kid pictures sneaking into the time line are because they're helping me work.

Although my initial need was cars and a home, I'm confident will be useful for many people working on many kinds of things. If you maintain something — literally anything — the smart journaling and photo timelining on can help you stay organized. Friends have said, "I need that for my road bikes" or "wow, that would be awesome for my rental property." I'd love to hear how it helps you.

And we're not stopping here. We have many expanded capabilities planned. For example, are you part of a racing team, or work with a friend or partner to maintain something? Soon we'll give everyone the ability to not only share individual journal items or photos, but also have two or more people be able to fully manage an item on

We're working hard so that someday soon we can throw the doors wide open and let everyone create their own accounts without waiting. Until that happens though, we're adding people gradually as things mature and become ready. Submit your email address below and we'll add you as soon as we can!

Update! Sign-ups are now open to everyone without using the wait list. You can sign-up anytime you like at

Thanks and happy wrenching!