January 2021 Tool Giveaway
11 January 2021, by Tim

I'd like to announce the January 2021 brokenwrenches.com tool giveaway!

This month we're giving away two tools that have proven themselves awesome in our shop: a Craftsman 3/8" torque wrench and a set of three Grypmat tool, nut and bolt, and just about everything organizers.

Craftman 3/8 inch torque wrench

Craftman 3/8 inch
torque wrench

To win share an item from your brokenwrenches.com account on social media, in a car forum, or really anywhere public on the internet where car people gather, then let us know about it. If you don't have a brokenwrenches.com account, go ahead and sign up for a free account now!

On February 1st we'll pick one submission at random and pick a second submission as our favorite.

Here are some guidelines:

That's it!

Reach out to me at tim@brokenwrenches.com with any questions. And good luck!

Thanks and happy wrenching!