Privacy Policy


Your privacy is important to us. We recognize that our success is dependent on your trust and we actively take steps to build and preserve that trust. We critically evaluate if, when, where, and how we ask you to share information with us and make sure we are only requesting the minimum possible. We act transparently in our use of data and respond promptly to your questions and requests.

What is “Personal Information?”

Personal information is any information that identifies you, reveals your location, or that could have only been produced by you. This includes, for example, your name and email address as well as your public IP address.

What information does gather and why? may ask for and then collect the email address of individuals joining our service or waiting list. We use that information for authentication and to notify people when they may join our service. Additionally, if someone has indicated to us that they are interested in email communications from, we may use their email address to send them updates and promotional materials.

Our website produces typical web logs documenting the time, IP address and web browser used to access each of our web pages. These logs are produced to support website troubleshooting, and secondarily, to help us understand interest in our services. However, we have taken steps to remove external content from our website so that organizations outside do not have visibility into who accesses our website.

We store the items you choose to put into The images, journal entries, and links you store in categories are stored in our system so that they can be displayed to you, or if you choose, shared publicly. uses computers and internet services located in the United States and owned by Amazon Web Services.

How does share information?

We utilize limited external services in order to deliver to you. To date, those services include:

We will not share your personal information with anyone else unless we are required to do so by United States law enforcement.

How can someone remove their information from

All information posted to can be removed by its owner.

How has this document changed?

As expands and changes to provide new value to our customers, it is inevitable that this document will require changes.

All changes to this privacy policy are documented below:

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